TSH same, even with dosage change?


Hi, everyone!

I’m new here and am just starting to read these forums, so I apologize if a similar question has already been answered…

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s several months ago after six months of unsuccessful TTC. Since then, we’ve been waiting for my TSH to even out.

I was first put on 75 mcg of Synthroid, which brought my TSH from 4 to 0.07 (free T4 was 1.55). The endocrinologist said that this TSH was too low and switched me to 50 mcg.

Today, I went in for blood work and an appointment and was told that my TSH is… still 0.07 (free T4 1.52).

Can your TSH stay EXACTLY the same, even with a dosage change? I thought this could be a lab error, but the free T4 did change slightly.

I’m incredibly frustrated because I thought my TSH would be ‘normal’ by now. We have put TTC on hold because (male factor issues) we have to use donor sperm… so we don’t want to spend the equivalent of a monthly mortgage payment if my TSH is too low to even get a decent shot at conception.

Does anyone have any ‘wisdom’ in this area?

Sorry for the wordiness of this posting. I’m just so overwhelmed, and I can’t bear the thought of waiting even longer to get back to TTC.

Thank you for any knowledge you can offer! :o



Higher than desired TSH

Hey how long was the wait before the dosage change and re-checking the TSH level? My endo. recommended synthroid for a tsh level of 3.7 and I’m supposed to wait 6mos. before getting another tsh level. It’s possible that you’re levels just need more time to adjust, and believe me I know that sux, having to wait six more months just to get another level is gonna kill me 'cause I’m very impatient! ha. Good luck! Sorry I don’t have more info. :slight_smile: