I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about TSH levels while TTC. My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years now and my family dr decided to finally help back in Feb. after diagnosing me with PCOS and hyperthyroidism. I was on a levothyroxin and metformin for 6 months with nothing. No weight loss or anything. Just a horrible sick feeling. Finally last month they did my HSG and now I have my first dose of clomid. I seen my fertility dr for the first time a week ago and she was extremely interested in my TSH. It’s been taken 3 times this year and the last two were normal. She says that she wants it below 2.5 and if it’s not I will have to resume the levothyroxin. Does anyone know anything about that?


There is studies and research to indicate that a women’s TSH level could interfer with her getting pregnant and/or carrying to term. The level your doctor gave you sounds about right and if you do end up getting pregnant you need to have those checked regularly. I was hyperthyroid but had Radio Active Iodine done before beginning my journey to having a baby. I was monitored in my cycle and when I was pregnant both with my son and daughter I had to have meds adjusted accordingly. I didnt’ have them adjusted with my son but had to with my daughter.

It’s a positive think that your doctor has checked your levels.