TTC #2 and so tired!


Anyone else tired?? I am 42 and have been ttc#2 for 1.5 years. Since I have 1 DD conceived naturally I am beginning to feel the end of trying is coming to an end. I never thought #2 would be this hard. Anyone else feel the same way???


yes, I have been feeling the same way! 2.5 yrs for us and DS was concived our first try! Finally reached out for help and just getting started with all of that but I never thought it would come to that. DS starts full time school next year and if there is no #2 by then I might need a new plan with all the time on my hands. I joined here recently for support to keep me going, I don’t want to give up but I know some days I feel like I want to. I just try to take a deep breath and know down in my heart I want this more then anything so I will keep going and know I am trying as hard as I can. I hope the end of this journey will come to an end for you soon but with a :bfp:!!!


Been trying nearly too long as well. My hubby’s fine. I go for an ultrasound next month to find out if I have possible fibroids. It’s been teary eyed pain seeing one bfn after another especially when I am pressing on 41.