TTC 2nd IUI baby...success stories?


Hi ladies! We just had an IUI to try for baby #2- just curious how many (if any) of you have had success with 2 IUI babies? Our first daughter was born in April 2013 and now we are hoping to expand our family. Any input would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I don’t have a success story yet, but I’m right in the same boat with you. Our first child was conceived through IUI, our second was naturally conceived, and now we’re doing IUIs again for number three. So this will (hopefully) be our 2nd child conceived through IUI. We’ve done four cycles so far, no luck :frowning: Starting 50 mg of Clomid on Friday and trying again. Good luck to you this cycle!


Welcome to both of you! Sending good vibes that your IUIs do what you want them to again.


Hello! No success story yet, but I’m in the same boat. Our daughter was born on June 2013 (after our 4th IUI attempt) and we met back with the RE on Thursday. We are planning on doing our first IUI next month, but in the meantime, we’re doing TI because I was so close to ovulating. I took a trigger shot on Friday night, so we have our game faces on this weekend - LOL!