TTC #3 W/O Fertility Treatments


I have PCOS, and have two beautiful children as a result of IVF/FET. Now, my husband and I are contemplating #3. At this point, we are done with fertility treatments, and if it doesn’t happen naturally, it’s just not going to happen. Has anyone else had luck conceiving naturally after IVF?? Am I crazy to want another one?? We have a girl and a boy, and I think most people assume we are done, but I’m not so sure. Any thoughts and/or success stories would be much appreciated!


Hey. How are you doing? Well, Congratulation for your babies. Well, my indeed IVF is a blessing for those who can not conceive naturally. Well, it’s a rare case. It depends on your health condition. If you got recovered from your disease. Then maybe there is a chance for you. But I have never heard of this procedure. Indeed miracle happens every day. You should at least try. Maybe something went well in your favor. I will pray for you. Wish you best of luck. And be hopeful.


It can happen. Though the numbers are not very good. Still, there is a chance. I saw a video. A woman went through IVF and had a boy. Few years after that she got pregnant naturally. I mean see, there is a tiny chance. She was so shocked herself. It can happen to you too. Just visit a doctor. Talk to him about the chances. They can better tell you your chances. I wish you all the very best of luck for TTC. May this works for you. Baby dust your way. Give my love to the babies XoXo


Hey crazycat3 hope you are fine.Well first of all Congratulations for your successful experience with IVF. Congrats for two beautiful kids. God is great . He gave us happiness after testing His Loved ones. I will pray for you . I wish you will conceive naturally this time. But if things didn’t work naturally then you should choose these treatments again. Its you own decision. If you want third baby to complete your family then go for it. You are going to have another successful experience. Sending you baby dust. Happy for you . Stay blessed


Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I think if you had an acute problem before having IVF, it may last till now. But if you had a chronic problem then it could create some problems while conceiving. You should go for complete medical check-up to diagnose the thing issues which is leading to this situation. Sometimes, certain disease may take some time to last. If it was this, then you should go for it. Moreover, your age also matters. If you are aged enough now then I would suggest you go with surrogacy. That was opinion. You should also consult with your doctor as well. All the best


Good luck with your plans. During my first marriage i miscarried for 3 times.I always had complications while getting pregnant.Now i’m married for second time at the age of 43. Having a look at my previous pregnancies i guess it is not a good idea to be pregnant again. So i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy and he is ready to go for it if we will have a baby of our own DNA.
So i started looking out for good clinics regarding surrogacy.I researched over the web and found many clinics regarding surrogacy.
While having a look at best known clinics for surrogacy i came across a name of clinic many times. Having very good positive reviews.So i contacted that clinic and told them about my issue.They said they will help us in every possible way.They told me about their procedure and they will help us in every aspect. They told us that we can have baby of our own DNA sample. Surrogate mother will not have any effect on our child. She will just keep our child in her womb. The clinic will find a good surrogate for our baby. They will test her and will analyze if she can carry our child in her womb or not.
If someone has some experience regarding surrogacy let me know your experience than.


Hi there! Hope you are fine. I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. I feel what you are going through. But Dear nobody wants to be infertile, it just happens to people. It is nice to hear that you don’t give up. Every problem has a solution and this too. My friend also passed through the same situation as you. She opted for surrogacy and now she has a baby boy. I suggest you that you should go for surrogacy.Europe is the best place. Good luck.


Well, you can try! If those are your health conditions. Consult it with your obstetrician. It must be important that it’s fine to try considering you health condition. But, my personal advise to you would be to go via IVF. Like, you already had successful experiences. So, why bother? Well, I’m also a TTC like you. Have PCOS since early age, this year I’m having my first IVF. So, yeah! I just need it to work once. Will try again via this way only! Naturally hurts, if it ends in a miscarriage. I hope you’re getting it. :slight_smile:


Hey it’s glad to hear tha your IVF is successful . The rare cases get successful. That’s the plus point in your journey. I was sure that you will pass this phase. Now you will get what you desire . My best friends wife was also suffering from infertility. In her country, IVF was banned. She in-laws didn’t support her. She then moved to Europe. She visited clinics in London. Her IVF was successful. Now my freind have 3 babies . His family is completed after 10 years of struggle . You are very positive towards life . So best of luck my dear friend to you and to your Freind. Congratulation on such a great achievement.


I had my baby boy after surgery for endometriosis, five rounds of IVF, one of which resulted in an ectopic and the loss of my right Fallopian tube and a visit to a Chinese medicine doctor who treated my bad periods with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I’m 99.9% convinced that’s what made the fifth round work. I’ve had vastly improved periods since the birth of my boy and I’ve also been taking Magnesium Chelate which has also made a huge difference. So the bad lining I was creating every month must have been the cause because for number 2 we got pregnant the first time we tried! Eat well, getting plenty of protein and vitamins. Stop drinking, and quit smoking. Avoid pesticides and herbicides. Know your cycle of ovulation and menstruation. Use caution with lubricants (i.e. read the label to ensure there spermicide free) and. Stay as stress-free as possible with meditation and low impact exercise like yoga. My success story from Bio tex clinic has really motivated many of my friends.


Hi. How are you doing? Well, really the heartiest congratulation for your success of IVF cycles. And am glad that you are now heading towards thinking of a 3rd children. Well, I think dear you should try to conceive naturally first. No doubt, a miracle happens every day and everything is possible. So where there is a will there is hope. you don’t need to worry at all. Just stay hopeful and keep trying. If it’s meant for you then it will. Wish you the best of luck.


Hey there how are you? I hope you are fine and doing great. Welcome to this forum. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Am so happy for you. Congratulations sweetheart for your successful IVF cycles. Indeed these artificial methods are doing wonders. They are the great blessing of science. This thread is a piece of hope and inspiration and motivation. This post shows us how ladies trust these treatments. Am glad that you are going for a third child. Things will surely work in your favor. My good wishes and prayers are with you. Things are going to be in your favor. Be positive and hopeful. Cheers.