TTC 6 years


Hi everyone. I’ve posted before, but now I come with new issues to the infertility we’ve been struggling with. Maybe with some hope offered and maybe a light at the end of the tunnel.

I had my Laparoscopy done on Dec 1 after finding I had a blocked left tube. Exploratory surgery also showed that my bladder and uterus were connected by scar tissue and that I’m missing a part of my left fallopian tube. Which was causing the blockage. Also, the left fallopian tube doesn’t have any cilia which allow for the tube pick anything up. In doing the surgery my RE is hoping that the tube will grow the cilia and that the missing section that was rerouted will perform it’s job. I’m in the first month that we can try on our own and if that doesn’t work we start injections for our first IUI. My doctor says I’m only the third person she’s seen with this genetic abnormality, but is hopeful we will become pregnant.

Has anyone else heard of missing pieces or genetic abnormalities and still had success? We can’t afford IVF currently and may not be able to for a couple years. I just hope and pray that IUI is what works for us and that we too will have our happy ending :pray:

Good luck too all of those TTC in the New Year and may this be OUR year for all good things and great news! :grouphug: