TTC and post ovulation hormonal issues...


Well, I’m ttc naturally and it seems to be taking a while…I monitor CM and BD’d during the fertile “window” just earlier this week.

I don’t really know that I’m pregnant or not obviously, but my hormones have been going haywire the whole week since…

I’ve been breaking out, sweating, having emotional swings…and I’m not more stressed out than usual. Anyone have this issue? D:


Well, you’re monitoring your CM, that’s a good place to start. Are you also checking your temps? Your waking temperatures can give you information about your thyroid function in the pre-ovulatory days, and also about your progesterone levels post-ovulation. I suspect that the emotional swings and break-outs (I assume you mean acne) are progesterone related or related to diet.

Do you find that your CM dries up pretty well after ovulation? When the mucus reaches it’s most fertile state - when it is most like raw egg white - does it then go back to an opaque, clumpy state? If it doesn’t change back very well, it could mean [U]estrogen dominance[/U] in the post-ovulation phase. Estrogen dominance can increase symptoms of PMS. But it can also be greatly improved with dietary means :slight_smile:

How long have you been trying?


Thanks for your answer. ^^

No, I’m not really monitoring my temps…I guess what I was trying to say by that is that I’m post ovulation…and usually I don’t get symptoms like this until a day or two prior to my period…

I can always tell when I ovulate, because, as you said, it dries up right afterward…within a day or so.

I’m guessing the acne, etc. could possibly be progesterone related. Maybe I just have a lot this time? I know it’s not diet related, because I’ve been eating the same things…

It’s probably progesterone, but it’s really much more bothersome than usual.

I’ve been trying for 8mo. :slight_smile:


Good to hear that it dries up right away :slight_smile:

You might have a deficiency of one or more vitamins. I’m assuming you’re eating pretty healthy if you want to get pregnant. Some B vitamins, especially folic acid, wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

I take a potent over-the-counter multivitamin called Optivite and I love it :slight_smile:

“[U]Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition[/U]” by Marilyn M. Shannon.


Thanks so much. Yeah, I’m taking a women’s multivitamin with high levels of folic acid…

It could be that I’m not absorbing as much as I could, but I can’t be certain. I try to eat healthy.