TTC for almost 3 years


Here’s my story, I will try and make it as short as possible :slight_smile:
Been TTC since August 2010(:bfn: for 33 months!), found I have Hashimoto’s in Dec/2010, dealt with that, and levels have been normal for 2 years.
Then, January of this year, I went to see an infertility specialist, explained my symptoms, told her I’m pretty sure I have Endometriosis, and sure enough, after a lap, I have endo.
I so far have now done one round of clomid, and am currently on my third round of letrozole. My first round of letrozole, I had one follicle measuring 16 (?), and the second time I had one at 25, and one at 18.
I guess I’m just looking for any advice, of where I should be going from here. I see the doctor again if the third round of Letrozole doesn’t work…
I guess I’m just kind of loosing hope… My doctor also origally told me that my best chances of getting prego are in the first 6 months, and so now I am fixated on August…
Thanks all!



I can’t speak to all the things you’ve said here, but regarding the 6 months, I think what you’re RE probably more meant was with the current protocol if it’s going to happen it’ll happen in the next 6 months. Like with Clomid, if it’s doesn’t happen in 3 cycles, statistically speaking, it might be time to try something else… and luckily there are so many things to try out there, so don’t hang too dark a cloud over August.
And most importantly - GOOD LUCK!


Thanks for you words of encouragment. I guess I just have my bad days and my good days (like we all do!), and was having a really bad day! (just found out a friend was prego) Another thing I should say about me being fixated on August is that it will be 3 years of trying for us. And although we absolutly want children, my husband is getting sick of the schedule…
So, I think regardless, we will be taking a break in August (hopefully pregnant!).
My other question is what about IUI? My hubby has great swimmers, so is there a need to even try IUI?


Yes! If you can - go for it. Even excellent swimmers can use the help.

Good luck to you!


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