Tubal Issues, hydrosalpinx, salpingectomy, IVF


Hello ladies. Just found out that I will more than likely be getting my tubes removed and wanted to know if anyone has had this done. I have 2 hydrosalpinxes and will be having a consult on wednesday. just wondering if any of you fine ladies have had your tubes removed, because I have been having a hard time hunting for posts relating to this issue. Just feeling down, as I had a lap done in march of 09 to open my tubes and now they’re closed again, so I want to hear wonderful stories about how great it was getting sterilized and how it helped you achieve pregnancy :wink: sorry. trying to keep a sense of humor. I’d like to know if you had clips, or what, and if you were successful with IVF afterwards and how long you’ve waited… or, if you too are having a similar procedure and are looking for a e-pal, I’d like to chat. I complained about 2ww and now I don’t get one!


I didn’t have a similar procedure done…but I didn’t want to read and not respond! I wish you the best of luck!!! Who needs fallopian tubes anyways?! :wink:


atothek80- I also had bilateral hydrosalpinxes. I had both my tubes removed in Aug of 2009. Since then I did IVF and got a :bfn:. Currently I am on BCP to start my 2nd IVF cycle. Stims start 11-20.
It was a hard choice to have my tubes removed, but it increases the odds of IVF working. I would just recommend that you take your time and dont rush in to anything. It might seem silly but I still feel like I’ve lost part of myself. Best of luck to you in whatever you decide.