Tubal pregnancy


So I went in to get an SIS after having what I thought was my normal period. They did a preg test first which was BFP. I had been bleeding x4 days. I had an US that day which did not show anything and my beta was 48. The next 2 betas doubled normally but my prgesterone level was 1.5 when my beta is 266. Doc said my prgesterone level should be 10 and he is worried about a tubal pregnancy. Any similar situations?


An update:
I ended up in the ER on 3/9/13 due to spotting and left sided pressure per my RE and ob/gyn request. The did an us that was reported to me as normal. They said miscarriage was inevitable and the couldn’t rule out ectopic. They gave me 3 choices 1.) follow up with ob/gyn on 3/11 (which was strongly suggested because “clinically I looked great”) 2.) shot of methotrexate 3.) go for exploratory lap surgery right then so I chose to follow up with ob/gyn on 3/11 when my is showed lots of internal bleeding and had to go to Emergent sx for tubal rupture with left tube removed. Come to find out there was bleeding on my US in ER that they did not inform me about and I was likely ruptured then! I was never in extreme pain but was very uncomfortable maybe 5/10 pain. Advice to all be persistent go back to ER if u do not feel right and demand intervention!!!:af:


I just wanted to tell you that I had the same thing happen last week. My doc was telling me that it looked like a normal miscarriage but I knew something was wrong…I have been through it before with my right tube in 2011 and had that tube removed then…and now lost my right tube last week with another one. Trust your gut…I knew something wasn’t right and I was correct…but I had to switch OB’s because my reg one wouldn’t listen to me! Ectopics are HORRIBLE…so sorry you had to go through this!!


I’m sorry to hear about your ectopic. I had one in January & had to have 3 shots of mtx. After 3 weeks of spotting my hcg dropped to zero & I got a regular AF. Best wishes, I hope you feel better soon.


I’m so sorry that you went through this unfortunate experience. I wish healing for your body and mind.