Turner's Syndrome


I actually feel a little silly posting on this site but I feel like it would help to have some people to talk to who understand. I am 29 and I have a condition called Turner’s Syndrome. It is a chromosome disorder that means that I cannot conceive naturally. I have been in a relationship for 5 years now. My partner knows all about my Turner’s Syndrome and is really supportive, for which I am really grateful. Recently we began to discuss the right time to find out more about my condition and to undergo tests to see what my options are in terms of fertility treatment. As it may not even be possible for me to conceive through IVF we decided that we would start to explore our options sooner rather than later as neither of us wants to leave it too late. I know that all of the avenues I could explore may take years and I am very keen to get the process at least underway but I am worried. I am scared about getting the results and worried that I will fall apart if I find out there is no treatment that can help. Adoption is a very viable and fantastic option but the process seems very daunting too. I just feel like some advice from people who are going through or have gone through similar things. ANY advice or support at all would be greatly appreciated as this is my first step into the world of fertility



Be brave and get started now! Worst case you get the bad news that there aren’t treatment options. You can take the time you need to grieve, cope and move ahead. If adoption is your path the sooner you get started, the sooner you and your child will find eachother. One thing I know for sure, once you’re a mom anything you had to do to get there fades into the past.