Twin sleep tips?


our girls are 9m. They wake up at four to nurse, which Im fine with, but before then they usually startle and need us to re give the paci. This happens maybe once or twice, and then maybe once after four.

they wake each other up too, which I never hear of happening with twins in the same room, but which does happen w ours. Hesitant to do c it out bc our two and four year old are in the next room, and they wake up too.

HELP! Is cry it out the only way? Will they outgrow this? Any isight, encouragement welcome.

Im not sure Im ready to ditch the pacis. They do help alot in the car etc. One of the babies needs hers, the other could probably be weaned away.

Our other kids slept through the night WAY WAY earlier than this. Esp my daughter, at 10 weeks. Now I realize how spoiled I was.

twin moms, when did your babies sleep through? what helped them to do it? what do you attribute your successes to?


Hi, I don’t really have any tips for you, but our 6 month old twins follow a very similar sleeping pattern. Their last feeding is at 6:30’ish, they go to bed around 8:00, need binkies once or twice (varies) between maybe midnight and 5 AM, and then they wake to eat anywhere from 4:00-6:00 AM (one wakes and we wake the other). They do go right back to bed for me easily though and sleep until 7:45 or 8:00. I’m kind of resigned to this pattern but I’ll take any tips! Oh and my girls also wake each other up.


I’m not much help because we didn’t have a lot of the same issues - we didn’t use pacifiers, I wasn’t nursing at that point, and we don’t have older children. BUT, the thing that made all the difference for us was a very consistent bedtime routine. At around 2 months we started bath, bottle in low lights, book, sound machine and just placed into bed. Pretty much right away they started waking only once for a bottle at around 1:00 and then they would go straight back to sleep until 6:00 or so. We did do CIO at 5 months to get my son to sleep through that middle of the night wake-up (once we weaned to water in the bottles and they weren’t taking it and dd wasn’t waking for it). It literally took two nights - the first 20 minutes, the second like five and from then on they have slept through and to this day are still just placed in their bed and they sleep from 7:00 to 7:00. From my experience, CIO is awesome and it doesn’t take that long so it is worth it if it does wake the older ones. Good luck - life changed for the better when we started getting a full night’s sleep and now I am so grateful that we were pretty strict on the routine because I have great sleepers, minimal bedtime shenanigans surrounding sleep props, evenings to spend with my dh, and happy, well-rested kids. GOOD LUCK!


Thanks sculli and fossie!

Sculli, sounds like we’ve got some things in common. Im glad my twins arent the only ones in the world that wake each other up! Can you believe that you are the only other twin mom Ive ever talked with who says that happens to them too?!

Fossie, I know cio is fantastic bc we did it w my son and it worked like a charm. I guess Im just dragging my feet bc we didnt have to use it last time, and while cio usually works, there are always a few rough nights. I think we need to do it too. I think we will do one baby at a time, the harder one first, sleeping the other in our room. Then, when both have the skill, I think we will put them back together.

Thanks guys. Additional comments welcome!


One more method I’ve heard now from two other twin mommies (through the grapevine, these are both friends of friends)…

Both of women bought earplugs, fans, etc. - whatever it takes to not be able to hear the babies, and then went to bed. For 3 nights in a row they just went in at 7 or 8 AM or whatever time they had decided on, and after 3 nights they took out the earplugs, and wouldn’t you know it… babies were sleeping through the night :slight_smile: One of the Mom’s said something like “I never knew what went on those 3 nights, but they sleep through the night perfectly now :)”.

Early on, before my babies’ cries got too loud, there were two separate nights that I somehow forgot to turn the monitor on. This was during the up-every-2 or 3-hour phase. Both times I woke up at like 5 AM in a total panic. One time when I flipped on the monitor both babies were screaming their lungs out. I felt like total garbage. The other time when I flipped it on there was total silence. I went and checked and they were totally asleep. I have no idea how long they cried (I’m sure they did). I felt like garbage that time, too, but not as much since I’m not [I]sure[/I] what went on.

Anyway, if you can make yourself do it, it’s basically the CIO method but with a twist.

How long are they supposed to be able to go without food at 6 months, anyway? I should look that up. I’ve been assuming that waking for a 5 AM feeding is normal, but maybe they should be able to go longer than that by now.

Good luck!

Oh, and I’m jealous of people with twins who tune each other out. If mine are in a dead, dead sleep they might be able to sleep through the other one crying, but only for a couple of minutes. As a general rule, they will wake each other up.


We too have twin boys, and 2 older children w/rooms right next door. I would put the other ones in your room for a few nights, the big kids love that and turn off your monitor. I did that too for 2 nights and it was a HUGE help! Our twins wake each other up too, if I let them cry long enough. If I hear one at nap time I go and get him and then let the other one sleep w/out going over about 20 min. so they don’t get too far off schedule! LOL!
Have you tried any of the other ideas?


thanks everyone!
ok. so… this is what we’ve come to: time to get tough.

our plan is to do cry it out, all night, seperately, and then put them together when they each know how to self soothe. Hearing another human scream and scream next to you witout knowing how to self soothe just sounds too mean to us. Then we’ll quit going in at all for the three nights.

We were starting our plan last week when the babies got a nasty cold. So now we’re derailed till after Christmas probably.

I think ditching the pacis is totally key here. Im starting to hate them, even though they are handy at church :slight_smile:

Im happy to have heard all of your tips. Twins really is its own world. Moms of one have their unique problems, and we have ours. I think sleep is such a huge thing, and twin sleep so complex.

Especially when you have very loud wood floors, like ours. lol.

Thanks so much guys. I just needed to hear your voices and advice so much. I really appreciate your responses.

oh. one other thing. I feel like its going to be an ok transition. THe other night hte baby sitter put ‘tricky’ to bed without her paci. She said she cried for 10 m. Tricky is going to grow out of this. We dont want to be the parents who arent tough enough to sleep train her, and keep her pigeonholed into forever being “tricky” instead of “beautifully sleeptrained” if you know what I mean! :slight_smile: Cause she’s a sweetie at heart.

but again, just want to thank you guys for responding. Ill post again when we have a little more progress :slight_smile: