Twinges normal?


I am 2dp5dt and since the day after transfer, I have been having a lot of twinging on my right side. Is this normal? I have gone through IVF and dont remember twinges.


I had right sided twinges with my most recent FET. I was sure it was going to be another ectopic (I only have my right tube and had 1 previous ectopic on that side). But I was wrong! I am now 8w4d pregnant and things are looking good so far! Hopefully the twinges are a good thing related to implantation! I know it is really early, but I have heard of women experiencing what they think is round ligament pain shortly after/during implantaion. According to WebMd, round ligament pain is more often felt on the right side. Good luck!:bsv:


Thank you I do hope that I have the same outcome as you!