Twins, but one isn't looking good


Help - I need to hear stories from people who might have been through what I’m going through. I’m feeling really distraught. I’m currently 7 weeks, 3 days pregnant. I just had my second ultrasound, which showed 2 babies. Baby A has a heart rate of 147 and is measuring 6 weeks 6 days. So it’s still looking pretty good - 4 days behind, but apparently that’s still within normal range. Baby B has a heart rate of only 89. And it measures at 5 weeks, 5 days. The ultrasound tech told me that its yolk sack is also very thin. The size, low heartrate, and yolk sack combined make her think that it isn’t going to make it. But if it does make it, I’m so worried about what this means!! What kinds of problems will it have?? We know that both babies are genetically normal, since we did CGH testing on our embryos. But I just don’t know what to think about the future of this baby. :frowning:

Did anyone have a similar situation, and if so, what ended up happening??


[quote=sallyd]Help - I need to hear stories from people who might have been through what I’m going through.
Did anyone have a similar situation, and if so, what ended up happening??[/quote]

Sallyd- I’m going to share…not to upset you but offer hope! We also had twins. However, because of a state move and switching doc’s we didn’t have our first U/S until week 13. Which showed one twin looked great and the other looked low on fluid. (Sac not forming right) We were sent to a maternal fetal specialist who confirmed the grim prognosis of “baby B” but also said to watch each week and see how things go. Thank GOD he was so optimistic because it kept me optimistic. My first OBGYN basically suggested we have an abortion because she didn’t think either would make it. (not an option for us!)
Well, I for one kept my hope up and my prayers flowing. Each week baby B looked a little better and continued to beat the odds. However, her fluid was always low. Hindsight, it turns out her sac never fully closed. She had fluid but was always leaking out. Baby A continued to grow as well. At 18 weeks I was put on bed rest, then hospital bed rest to try and “make it as long as I could” because we knew Baby B was in trouble with the low fluid. All the while I never gave up on them.
In the end, my beautiful babies made it to 26 weeks + 2 days before an infection threatened them both and we had to have a CSection. Baby A is now my little K here on earth. She is a bright, and vibrant beautiful girl with NO PROBLEMS despite living the first 3 months of her life in the NICU. Baby B, my special E, went to heaven the day they were born. Her fluid level was too low to develop her lungs. There was no way to know for sure until she was born.

I am so grateful we didn’t give up on them. Everyday we get to wake up to K and everyday we think about E and are thankful for the 5 hours we had with her here on earth.

Your babies are here for a reason. I’m :pray: for them and strength for you to face whatever comes.


k&Emommy- I was just kind of lurking on the thread today and read your story… That really touched me how you didn’t give up on your little E! I think you made all the right choices and admire those choices! thanks so much for sharing that:flower: