Two donors that we like


There are two donors that we like. Anyone ever buy sticks of both and have them mix them up and leave it to fate??

I kind of like this idea. Am I nuts?


I like the idea, why not? If you are pleased with two different donors that you like, you cant go wrong. I like the little mystery behind it :rolleyes:


[COLOR=“Blue”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Just to play devil’s advocate - if you succeed and later in life your child wants info on who their biological father is, how with they know? [/FONT]


I like the idea…kind of wish I could do this with 2 egg donors! (Technically it’s possible, but would be massively expensive.)

As for paternity, these things are typically anonymous anyway. If your child demanded it and you could get the donor info from both men, a simple DNA test would tell you/the child which one the donor was.

Good luck! Donor decisions are hard, congratulations on picking your 2 favorites!


pixelpie…i do not think it is crazy at all…anything that makes you more comfortable thruout the whole crazy donor sperm/egg journey is well worth it!!! good luck to you!!! many hugs!!!


I dont think it’s crazy. We used donor embryos for our last cycle and we actually liked two and thought about transferring from both, but the clinic wouldn’t allow us to do that


It is done. Very expensive. But I know the cycle my donor did before me was a mix of her and another donor. If you can afford two donors and want to do it this way, then go for it!