Two Week Wait Do's and Don'ts


Newbie in the community. DH and I have been TTC the natural way for two years. Finally decided to go through infertility treatments. We had an unsuccesful first round of Clomid, Ovidrel, and IUI :bfn: . Really sad about it and blamed myself for why it didn’t work. What did I do wrong? Really thought that I did something during the two week wait that made it not work. Just had my second round of Clomid/Ovidrel and had my IUI yesterday :pray: and about to go through another excruciating tww. I just feel like everything I do after my IUI will affect my chances of conceiving. I feel like I should be placed in a bubble or something. RE says that normal activity is ok. But I don’t think he knows that what is normal for me is not normal for everyone. I work full time, grad school part time, active with fitness, work out twice a day, and travel alot. Need some advice to veterans out there on the do’s and don’ts of the tww. should I exercise normally, should I have sex everyday, should I quit drinking alcohol, should I not eat sushi, should I just stay home and do nothing? What will increase my chances of conceiving during the tww? And how do I not go completely insane? Thank you!


I think the 2WW makes everybody crazy, honestly, and there’s just not a whole lot you can do to prevent it. There’s probably not anything you did that made your IUI unsuccessful: even with textbook perfect everything it really only has a 20%-30% chance of working in a particular month, largely for reasons that we can’t see or measure or control.

If your IUI was yesterday, then by this point in time chances are pretty high that you’ve either conceived (the winning sperm found an egg and fertilized it) or will in the next couple of hours… or you won’t this month at all. (Plus or minus all of the other slightly more doomy, gloomy variations on this, which I won’t get into.) Basically, at this point and for the next couple of weeks, the matter is totally out of your hands and all you [I]can[/I] do is wait.

Generally speaking, the best advice I ever got and can pass on is simply not to do anything that you KNOW you will blame yourself for. If traveling is going to make you feel guilty, then stay home for those two weeks, if you can. (During my previous m/c cycle, I did go on vacation for the second half of the 2WW; got my BFP the morning we got back, despite having been a lot more active than normal while we were away AND having been talked into having half a glass of wine while out at dinner with a bunch of friends. Neither of these contributed at all to the ultimately negative outcome.) If you think you’re over-doing stuff physically, switch to lower impact stuff while you work out and take it easy for the short amount of time that you have to wait.

Spending the wait trapped in a bubble would be way worse than keeping yourself occupied with other things, but this can also be an excuse to kind of destress yourself and think about being a calm, welcoming environment. By suddenly cutting out everything that you enjoy, you may pile on more stress than you had to begin with, and that’s never a good thing.

Oh! One thing you should for sure do is find the most active thread for the current time period’s 2WW and hang out there virtually. There’s nothing in the universe as supportive as having a bunch of people who are going through the exact same thing that you are, when you are, who can commiserate with the ups and downs of waiting and testing. And then hopefully they will go on to be your due date buddies in another thread.

Good luck!