Two week wait....


Hi Ladies!

Glad I found this site! My husband and I have been ttc for months now… I ended up buying a fertility monitor… got two peak readings last week… :cross:

Anyone else in the two week waiting period? I’m anxious over it!! I keep counting the days to see when is the earliest I can test. tick tock… tick tock… tick tock…!!

My mind is playing games on me… I’m focusing on any little symptom… cramping… etc.

Just wanted to drop in and see if anyone can relate. Also… has anyone used the clear blue easy fertility monitor? If so… thoughts… :slight_smile:

I’m hoping I can use this site as an outlet… rather than bugging my hubby with all of my craziness!!

Take Care,

Annette :wings:


Hi Annette,
I just had my Day 5 blastocyst transfer and am also in the waiting period. My beta test is on 11/15. I was just mentioning to DH how I am yearning to go to CVS to get a pack of HPTs, but will try to restrain myself.

Where in California are you located? I’m in the Bay Area.

Good luck to you!


Two week wait… tick tock… tick tock… tick tock!

Hello Sally!

Thanks for the reply! It’s nice to know that i’m not the only anxious one… I was laughing at your post because I was at Target tonight with my hubby… and was very close to suggesting we pick up some tests!! Best of luck to you!! And keep me posted!

I’m in southern california… Costa Mesa, Orange County.


Hello Sally!

Thanks for the reply! It’s nice to know that i’m not the only anxious one… I was laughing at your post because I was at Target tonight with my hubby… and was very close to suggesting we pick up some tests!! Best of luck to you!! And keep me posted!

I’m in southern california… Costa Mesa, Orange County.


POAS or not to POAS?

Hi Annette,
When do you go in for your beta test?

I just know that if I walk into a CVS or other drug store, I will not be able to restrain myself.

I’m trying to determine if I feel any symptoms to tell me otherwise, but alas, there’s nothing.

I’ve had two other failed FETs in the past so I’m aware of the pitfalls of getting my hopes up to high. However, my new doctor is amazing and every step of the latest treatment seemed to go so much better this time compared to the previous.

Until my bloodwork on 11/15, I will continue lurking on these forums and hoping for sticky vibes.

Enjoy your week!


Hello Sally…

I don’t really plan on going in for a beta test considering my hubby and I havent been trying long enough yet. I have been relying on pregnancy tests from Target… in the past months.

I’m like you… I am focusing on every little change. Other than a bit of cramping… no other symptoms for me. No soreness in my breasts…nada!! I’m trying not to get my hopes up… I tend to do that every month. It has gotten a bit easier emotionally. I have not been trying as long as you… I cant imagine the emotional roller coaster you’ve been on!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! I think I can test as early as this Saturday to see if i’m pregnant!! You are just a few days behind me. Knowing me… I will be testing every day after Sat until I get my period. I am nuts like that!!! ugh!!

Have a happy Monday!!! Take care… and hope to hear from you soon!!!


FET Nov 5 , 2010

[FONT=Consolas][SIZE=3]Okay, I have to wait for the pregnancy test,:cross: but I am so nervous about, I am making myself sick. One step a the time, I repeat to myself but it is so hard!:grr: I just want to know. I don’t trust my body because I have so many injections and medications that is impossible to asses if am pregnant or not.:bsv: [/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Consolas][SIZE=3]My pregnancy test is scheduled for 11/15. I am counting the minutes.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Consolas][SIZE=3]This is my 2nd attempt, I got pregnant in my first try but HCG levels were too low and we had a D&C. I was devastated. [/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Consolas][SIZE=3]It’s nice to share my thoughts with people that knows what I am going thru. [/SIZE][/FONT]


Hi there my name is Emi, we had the embryo transfer the same day. I wish you and I the best of luck


Okay ladies… I’m guilty… I gave into the temptation and took a pregnancy test… knowing it’s way too early!! Of course it’s negative… it’s only been 6 days past ovulation. ugh!! what a waste of money… why did i even do that!!! ugh!!!

fingers crossed for the two of you!! I’ll continue to focus on any little sign going on with my body until next week!!

It’s nice having a place to vent . :slight_smile:



at least you guys are in your tww, i’m still waiting for my peak on my cbfm! im already on day 8 of being high and no peak yet…and theeennn time for 2ww…been ttc for over a year now i feel like :grr: lol so glad i found this forum, i have no one i can talk to about going through these things bcuz everyone else is already pregnant! again :grr:
:bsv: to you ladies! :slight_smile:



Glad you found us!! It was my first month using the CBFM. If this is your first month using it… then dont be surprised if you only get high readings… it is getting used to your body. On my first month of using the monitor it started asking for sticks on day 6… had high readings from about day 9 till day 15… that’s when i got my peak reading. So… dont be discouraged!! :slight_smile: I like the monitor so far. It takes out the guessing~! :slight_smile:
I need to try to be patient after the peak days though. As you can see… if you read my last post… I wasnt patient… took a pregnancy test… and of course it’s negative!! I read up on implantation… doesnt really occur until about 9 -12 days after ovulation… so i was way too early to test!! ugh!!

Good luck and keep me posted on your peak reading!!!

fingers crossed for everyone!!! :slight_smile:



oh… by the way… I added you to my buddy list… just noticed they had that. i’m guessing we can chat if we are both online? :slight_smile:



i’m on my second month using the cbfm…last month i got 2 high readings then a peak! i was so excited…and then this month i started testing on day 6 and then 2 days later got a high and i FINALLY got my peak today…i was so excited to see that little egg! haha i was so nervous though because i went online and started looking at all the reviews for the cbfm and all these women were saying that they never got a peak and all this stuff so i was like omg what if im not gonna ovulate or what if i missed it already…its like, all the guessing came back which is why i bought the thing to begin with, to take the guessing out! but like i said, finally got my peak this morning so i guess im ovulating about 4-5 days later than i thought, so maybe thats why i haven’t gotten pregnant yet…i’m hoping so- i just bought preseed this past month too so i’m really hoping i get my :bfp: this month but i’m not holding my breath!
btw, i’m in CA too =) im in south orange county

i really hope you get your :bfp: this month!


Hello Nicole!!

Yay!!! Glad you got your peak today!!! I was the same as you… when i had 5 days of high readings… i was getting nervous… thought… “oh no… what if i’m not ovulating”… etc… so glad you got the peak reading!!! Positive vibes your way!!!

As I’m getting closer and closer to the end of my 2ww… I’m starting to get negative thoughts because i’m not feeling any symptoms :frowning: I’m trying to convince myself that women may not feel anything and still be pregnant?!! ugh!! We’ll see!!

Keep me posted… you will soon be in the 2ww!!! Fingers crossed for you!!

What a small world! We are neighbors!

Take care… and hope to hear from you soon!!



hey there annette,

well i really hope you get your bfp this month! how long have you guys been trying? we’ve been at it for a lil over a year but things got a lil crazy for a few months in there so i guess we weren’t realy “trying” for a few months out of that year…but still…every month very disappointing!

i’m always looking up everything possible having to do with symptoms and stories of people with bfp’s so its definitely possible to not have anything and still be pregnant…hopefully thats what going on with you!

i added you to my buddy list to, but i dont think there is like IM’ing, just private messaging? i dont know lol i’m just finding my way around this site!

and yeah! such a small world! when i was posting my last message i was like hmm im pretty sure she posted she was in costa mesa but i couldnt remember for sure if that was you or not but i guess it was! hehe i totally went to orange coast college for a while so i know the area over there =)


Wow… my hubby went to orange coast college…graduated from the radiology program there! :slight_smile: I went to Long Beach City College… and then to Long Beach State. I grew up in Long Beach… moved to Orange county about 4 years ago. :slight_smile:

Hubby and I have been trying for about 4 months… I know it doesnt seem like a long time… but… for me… every month seems like a disappointment. No matter how hard I try to convince myself that I wont focus so much on ovulation…symptoms… etc… I still fail. I ended up taking another pregnancy test tonight thinking i was getting closer to my period or missed period!! ugh!! :grr: I really really need to stop doing that because it’s costly… and just ridiculous of me to do that when I know i’m still about a week away from when my next cycle will start. ugh!! Usually after taking the test… it will ease my mind… until the next day! lol…

This is my first month using the CBFM… I don’t know why I’m thinking it’s going to be some magical machine! lol… I know it may take months.

We can keep eachother positive during these months of trying!! I’m sending :bsv: your way!!

Do you use any messengers?

I use msn messenger… if you do… feel free to add me

my user name is : ilovecoffee29 @ h o t m a i l

ttyl! :wings:


Good to see this thread active! I am on d6p5dt. I actually walked to CVS and was about to buy a set of HPTs but talked myself out of it last minute.

The realist in me thinks that whatever happens will happen and I will surely find out on Monday 11/15. And since I’ve had several past BFNs and never had a BFP, I’m kinda conditioned to be more cautious.

Never the less, the 2ww can be just as exciting and filled with so much hope. I just want to enjoy this moment.



thats so crazy! what a small world!

and yeah 4 months isn’t that long but then again i totally know how you feel even at 4 months…hopefully your bfn’s dont last as long as mine =( its like, you start trying and once you start thinking about it, its all you can think about so 4 months is a long time…plus it doesn’t help that you just see all these people around you getting pregnant so when you actually start trying yourself you think its just gonna happen and then it doesnt! story of my life haha
and i totally know what you mean about in the 2ww when you just analyze everything that is going on with your body…i do it every single month and i cant help it…ive just accepted the fact that im gonna do it lol i’m always like, ok what was that feeling i wonder if that was implantation or im like i have more cm this month it must be it…its like ugh it just doesnt stop until AF comes…even when im getting bfn’s its like, i go online and read about all these women that are like, oooo i didnt get my BFP until 2 days after my missed period and so it gives me hope but then it always ends up being a disappointment…but im keepin my fingers crossed this month!
like i said earlier, its my 2nd month using the cbfm but so far, i like it and im feelin good this month…hoping with preseed and knowing that i ovulated like 5 days later than i thought i would maybe we’ll catch the egg…i sure hope so, :bsv: to both of us!
im trying not to get my hopes up tho…its kinda hard when you have all these reviews on the cbfm & preseed that are like, oooo it worked for me first month! im like, ugh yeah right! haha
anyways, i dont really use messenger too much, i know i have a yahoo messenger, nicolebby2020 is my user name if you use that, i can try to d/l the hotmail messenger tho…its really nice to have a buddy in this :slight_smile: (and btw, i TOTALLY love coffee haha)

ive never had a bfp either so i’m keepin :cross: for you, keep us updated!! :bsv: to you!


Good to hear from you Sallyjosie! And I’m glad you were able to resist the temptation in CVS today!! I need to remember that!! I didn’t think I’d be this impatient… it’s causing me to be irritable with my poor hubby … i’m really glad i found this site!!

I will certainly be thinking of you on Monday!!! :slight_smile: Fingers crossed for you… hope you get that BFP!!



Happy Friday!!

Good morning ladies!!

Wanted to wish you guys a happy friday!! We are one day closer to the end of our 2ww! :pray:

Nicole… after you get the peak reading on the CBFM… it doesnt ask for anymore sticks … right? I keep turning the machine on every morning… just to keep the cycle going… but after my peak… it hasnt asked. I’m figuring that’s normal since I wont peak again until my next cycle… right?

Have a great day ladies!! And once again… I’m glad I found this site!!

:bsv: … :bsv: … :bsv: … for all of us!! :slight_smile:



well thank you! happy friday to you too! its officially the start of my weekend! yay =)

and yes annette, basically what happens is when you get your peak it goes into auto mode after that so youll auto get a peak, then peak then high then it just goes back to low and stops asking you for tests until after you set your m button to tell it your on a new cycle (which hopefully you wont have to do hehe) so after u get a peak and it asks for tests for the 1 or 2 days left just reuse a stick cuz its a waste of $ to actually pee and use a new one cuz like i said its an auto mode thing after you get a peak

:bsv: to you! keep me posted!
im pretty sure i O’d yesterday so im gonna count today as my 1DPO…already anxious haha