U/S and B/W in ND


Hello Ladies,

Please help us find a clinic in ND that can do U/S and B/W for patients who do IVF at other clinic. Grand Forks is the best option but Fargo is good too.

I live in Manitoba as a foreigner without insurance and my IVF clinic is in Texas where we lived before moving here. I go to Texas because it takes 6 months for the first consultation and almost 12 months to start a cycle at the only IVF clinic here and their success rate is low and their price is higher.

I am on their wait list but I haven’t had their initial consultation, until then, they don’t do U/S or B/W. I went to a hospital where we confirmed by a doctor they did baseline U/S like everyday, cost $620, got a painful U/S and useless report. Number and size of follicles and cycts were requested but their report only said several small follicles. Instead of going on 5th day of stim, I flew the next day so RE could do baseline U/S properly.

There is no way to go back there. I am afraid of cycles being cancelled after flying to Texas, so I want to have baseline nearby, Grand Forks, 2.5 hours, Fargo 4 hours.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks