UGH! Making myself crazy waiting for the fertilization report


I need to just stop the googling. I am researching studies and odds, trying to read my chances based on FSH, antral follicle count, and eggs retreived. I want to see something that says I have better than a 5% chance for a successful pregnancy! I want to beat those odds. I want to feel like they are wrong and that just because I am chronologically 43 doesn’t mean my fertility age is too. I look younger. I want my eggs to be closer to the age I look.

I know everyone here feels the same way… Blast science and hormones! :confused: Why are men statistically fertile most of their adult lives? Lol And why don’t they have to deal with :af: ?!?


I hear ya! I am the same way. I google everything and spend hours and hours trying to make myself feel better :slight_smile: I haven’t even started treatments yet and I know way more than I feel I should know at this point…

Try to stay positive and keep yourself busy! Lastnight I read a book on my Kindle and it kept my mind off things for a while.

You stressing over this is only going to make things worse! Nothing good can come from your stressful feelings. STOP THE MADNESS! :slight_smile: (OMG I need to listed to my own advice - easier said than done, I know!!) HTH! Good luck!