Ugh....seems to be never ending with me!


Well had my baseline ultra sound on the 7th of March and as usual its always something!:grr:

My nurse called me and told me I had 3 cysts on each ovary!!I was supposed to start my lupron that day howeveri now must wait.Icant wait to do my transfer but every since I was supposed it there has been problem after problem OHSS , now cysts. So now my transfer is going move up , it was supposed to be on the 3rd of April now it could be somewhere between the 15th and the 19th of April!!:grr:

There is 1 thing though I love about this site is the overwhelming support and some one told me something that stays on my.heart and mind and I appreciate it. Here the quote:

God gives 3 answers:
Not Yet
I have a better idea

So I’m depending on God and waiting for one of those answers


Per your siggy you have enough money for one IVF cycle. God has answered you “Not Yet.” Enjoy your time waiting on God and allow him to work in your favor. April 15th or the 19th is right around the corner. Might as well transfer a few weeks later and be healthy. No OHSS or cysts. The embryo will have a nice place to call “home” for 9 months. Best wishes!:babydust:


Thanks webelieveinmiracles

Yes I am …I am patiently waiting on God. I am very thankful that God has allowed my husband and I to save up the money because it is so very expensive. Thanks for your support.:thankyou:


Your welcome, I’ll be looking out for your updates. I’ll be :pray: that everything works out perfectly! How many embryos do you plan on transfering?

In return please keep us in your :pray: I start stimming for our IVF cycle April 16th. I’m so excited and like you I’m depending on God to give us the “gift of life.”


Kaydreambaby: this was me for 3yrs–there was always something. First we had to wait three months because my DH had just had a reversal. When his SA came back good we tried for 3 months naturally using BBT’s and it became clear (since I had gotten pregnant twice before using BBT’s only) that I was not ovulating so we sought my OB/Gyn. Long story shorter we did cycle after cycle with varying combinations of meds and yet over and over got no mature follicles. It is soooo frustrating not even being able to try. We did finally get one cycle with one mature follicle and were so elated we even got a chance. That was a BFN though.

Finally we decided to seek an RE, but just as we did and felt we might be finally getting somewhere we found out the DH was being deployed for a year. We did another SA only this time with a check for antisperm antibodies and were told he had 95% antisperm anitbodies and that IVF with ICSI was our only option.

We didn’t have money for that, but found a military program that does this for military at a reduced cost. Kicker is that it was in Maryland and we lived in OK so we would have had to come up with extra money to spend three weeks there. Plus we had to jump through hoops to get into the cycle.

Crazy thing happened though and DH was offered a job in Virginia literally 20 minutes from the military IVF program facility. We took it and got in to the program. Then moved and just when all seemed to be a go my TSH came back too high so I then had to wait out another two months for it to come into the ideal range.

We FINALLY got to our cycle and I honestly expected one bad thing after another (i.e. poor response to meds, cysts, you name it after three yrs I expected it to fail. Especially given that this technically was only our second cycle to actually be trying). However, meds went good, response was good, got mature eggs and good embryo’s and though the ones we had on day five weren’t the best in the world (we put back 1 CC blast and 1 early blast and none of the rest made it to freeze). We were happy at that point because it all just seem to go so well and we felt we had given it our all. We were shocked and exstatic when we found out it actually worked and it felt so surreal since it just seemed to all fall into place at that 11th hour (being the actual cycle).

SO…don’t give up hope. I feel we all have our struggles. Some will struggle in perfect cycles that don’t work or in some other way and yet others are like us and will struggle just to get to cycle. Sending you lots of :babydust: !!


As someone who has been sitting out with the same cysts since December, I know how much this stinks. You are SO ready to move on, and then your hopes get dashed at the baseline. Hugs, girl. I am so sorry.


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3][B]Kaydreambaby[/B] – How are you doing? Preparing for your transfer? :babydust: [/SIZE][/FONT]