Ugh :( So frustrated


Ugh. I’m so sad and frustrated. So, I had my Estradiol checked today and NOTHING! No change at all. Seriously!? What is this going to take! So I have to do 4 more days of Repronex and then get my Estradiol checked again… I was so hoping that something would finally happen this month. I guess it was our first try outside of Clomid so I shouldn’t be disappointed yet, however even the RE sounded surprised there was no change. What the heck. I want a new body :’( :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:


Sorry to hear that it must be very frustrating! I’m sending some positive vibes your way!


So sorry to know about this. It sure is Very frustating when things dont go according to the plan. But as you realized, you’re still pretty early in the treatment; I hope your dream of having a baby comes true before you go all the way to the extreme intervention. Lots of :grouphug: and best of luck for the upcoming cycle!


Thank you both, it’s just hard to understand why me. I don’t get it. I mean, am I EVER going to ovulate. It just seems crazy to me that all these drugs and nothing. Not even an increase at all. It’s hard to understand.


im sorry and ireally hope it gets better. i came here today looking for some solace cause i just got told my progesterone level is super low, even though i’ve been upping those dag on pills for over three weeks! i stopped three days after getting a positive and then later that day started bleeding. now they say i am still positive but of course it’s early miscarriage, this just sucks! now i have to take a gel shot? i don’t even know what that is!! i haven’t told DH yet since for some reason i can’t stop crying. :frowning:


so sorry to hear about this… your news actually brought tears to my eyes… I know how hard we try/pray to get a BFP and once it finally happens, you just want a smooth sailing from then on… I’m sure it’s very painful for you; I hope you’re able to tell your DH soon so that he can give you the love and support you need in painful times like these… Just remember that I’ll keep you in my prayers. Love and :grouphug:


ty :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Sandy, i’m finally just getting back to trying to be ok. I did tell him and of course he was supportive and wonderful. We go to meet the dr on Wednesday i suppose for an update. They won’t be trying IUI this month until i get another normal af.
Thanks again and i’ll keep you and everyone in my prayers, i know we’d all make kick *** mamas :grouphug: