Ultrasound w iui?


who has an ultrasound guided iui ? i dont and wonder if i should???


Most doctors will do a ultrasound before IUI too check the sizes of the follies then after too see if you ovulated yet or too show you the swimmers. Each doctor is different.


I have had 5 IUI’s and it wasn’t until my 5th IUI and a new RE that i had a ultrasound guided IUI. I was surprised but thought ok, this RE does things different. But there isn’t really a need for one.


7 IUI’s and never had a guided IUI. I mean, as long as the tube gets past the cervix, I am not sure why this would be needed.


When I start new medication I have ultrasounds. Other than that I usually don’t have any. My RE does it then to see how I respond to the meds. They said that if I didn’t O on my own then I would have a scan every month b/c in order for me to have the trigger shot they require a scan beforehand. It’s not necessary but it is nice just to know how you responded for that month (however, that is also something else to just obsess and worry over, not to mention it’s more $$$$$).


[COLOR=“Blue”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]I had 3 IUIs and none were guided. [/SIZE][/FONT]


I had 2 unguided (first and third) and 1 (second) guided. All three were performed by different REs. I really preferred the guided one, only because it was done by my RE who was retiring and he let my husband hold it over my lower abdomen and we got to watch the whole process happen. He said he wanted my husband to feel included in the process which was nice and being able to watch the monitor took my mind off the uncomfortableness I had felt at my first and third. But there is no medical reason to have it done, plus its another charge for the process.