Unable to comment or like a post


Hi fertilitycommunity.com,

After the update from the last two days we are unable to comment or like a post.

Thanks, Dana


Can you be more specific? Is it certain threads? I have tried multiple threads and am able to Reply. I am not trying to be difficult. Just not understanding exactly what you mean so I can pass it on. :slight_smile:


You can reply to a thread but not comment on a individual post which was a nice feature of the new site. The option the bottom of a post like edit.flag.quote.comment.like. None of these buttons are working.


Ah! Got it now. I am sorry. I will make sure the information is passed on to those in control of the site.


Thank you for looking into it. I hope they fix it soon. :slight_smile:


No one hopes this is all resolved soon more than me. :frowning:


The comment button that is at the bottom of posts is no longer working… This is happening on all my subscribed threads (Sept FET, May Due dates, RMA IVF, RMA Preganant) Also I keep getting a notice that the rich text editor is not loading, nor is it working. I am using Chrome browser. Thanks


I get the same error on my tablet :frowning:


Hi GWU1991, Any updates on getting the Edit,Flag,Quote,Comment,Like buttons fixed?? The sooner the better it is driving everyone nuts along with our hormones!!! Thanks, Dana


I am so sorry, but no. Absolutely no response. It totally stinks, but I have received no information on what that status with any of this is. Sadly I am as in the dark as you are. :frowning:


Hi GWU1991,

This only works for your own post. !!!

You can go up to your icon in the upper right hand corner and go to “my profile” you can see all your posts. Without going into your posts, hit the edit button and then you can put in returns that don’t disappear along with edits and correction.



You can even make comments but only on your own post. Hope this helps some :slight_smile:


If you click on a person profile pic and then you can make comments on thier post. YAY!!!


Hi GWU1991,
If you click on a person’s profile pic you can then make comments on thier post. YAY!!! If you click on your own pic your can then edit and comment on your own post :slight_smile: you can also edit your comments this way.


Cool! Thanks for figuring that out and posting!