Uneven follicle growth? Triggering tonight & SCARED!


Today’s ultrasound wasn’t great. On Friday I had 20 follicles between 12 and 14mm. They want all my follicles to be at 20mm at the egg retrieval but at my scan today 2 are already 19mm and then 4 are between 14-16mm and the others are all smaller. They ideally all should be around 16-18mm today. I will be doing my egg retrieval on Tuesday at 730am. They don’t want to over mature my 2 big follicles. Just really disappointed bc it went from looking like I would get 15+ to mature egg to maybe 8 if i am lucky. Iknow it only takes one but we are also using testicular sperm & that means low fertilization rates. I am really scared. Anyone else have uneven growth like this?


I had that both times around. Two leading ones really large, another couple just large, and then a bunch smaller. That’s pretty normal and related to the fact that your body chooses the lead follicle(s) full 60 days before they ovulate. It’s good to not overcook the leading eggs. They are your best chance because your body is pretty good at selecting the best ones. Some doctors claim that using long lupron protocol helps even out follicles because your ovaries are down-regulated for at least 45 days, but I have not found it to be true. Another issue is egg maturation, as kicked off by the HCG shot, and egg “cooking” (for lack of a better word), which is growth under FSH. What embryologists test in the lab is maturation after HCG. Overcooking impacts egg quality, but there is no real consensus by how much.


I agree with transiberian the lead follicles are always your best bet. It’s heartbreaking to not get the amount if follicles you thought you were going to get. Ultimately you don’t know how many mature eggs you will get until your retrieval. 8 is a great number. And you never know, you might get more. I have absolutely no helpful advice except to try to relax and enjoy Barbados. My hopes are high for your retrieval. Let us know how it goes.


Thanks ladies. …can’t believe ER is in the morning!


Good luck on the ER! Hope, your smaller follicles caught up.