Unexplained infertily


Hello I am new to this forum and had question… I have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility… hubby has been checked and is fine… Ive had an HSG and tubes are fine… I have had 2 children from my previous married they are 18 and 14… So it has been some time… lol I am currently on 2 ww and this cycle i did repronex and IUI… My question is does anyone know what treatment if any would be considered if this doesn’t work?? IVF would probably not be an option, insurance doesn’t cover it… thx for anyone who replies… Below is my journey…

4 cylces ttc naturally (then found out wasn’t ovulating )
4 months clomid, trigger and timed intercourse
3 months femera, trigger and timed intercourse
1 month femera and repronex, trigger and iui
2 months repronex and iui

Im just started to freak and thinking that the docs will be telling us there is nothing they can do… Plz help



I am sorry that you are going thru this, its not a fun journey. I am on my 3rd IUI right now in the awful 2ww period. The only thing that I have read to answer your question is that after IUI they just can change up your meds/days of treatment etc. Have you had your thyroid tested or any other “allergy” testing. A close friend of mine ended up being allergic to her husband so IVF was there only option. I wish I had more treatments and advise. I am not sure what my next step is either. Its been 2 years of ttc for us. I have a consult meeting on Friday to see what the next step is if this IUI fails (hoping it doesn’t :babydust: ) I will let you know if they tell me anything new that I haven’t heard as an option. IVF is very expensive so I am not sure thats a road we can do either. Good luck to you, I will keep you in my thoughts!


I’m unexplained infertility and pregnant with twins. Other tests they can do…they can check your anti-mullerne hormone…it evaluates ovarian reserve. You can also have LAP surgery to check for endometriosis. I came up “good” on all counts. I had 8 IUIs to get to this point…but my RE kept upping the dosage. I would suggest trying different medications and dosages. It looks like you’ve taken a “conservative” route trying the same thing 3-4 cycles before changing it up. My 2nd RE was more aggressive and changed my dose each time.