Unexplained... possible explanation?


After passing every test with flying colours, my DH and I were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. All of you who have been there know how frustrating it is to hear that. If nothing is wrong, then WHY are we not getting pregnant?? But, in 2010 we did IVF and now have beautiful twin girls.

Still, we started TTC in January 2007 and since then have never used any form of birth control or protection. Then in May 2013, after over six years of BFNs, I got pregnant. Naturally. With no drugs, or procedures, or doctors. So what changed?

There are three things that I started doing differently in the fall of 2012:

  1. I stopped drinking so much milk. I used to drink a LOT of milk and cut back to almost nothing. I noticed right away that my skin cleared up, so maybe there was something hormonal going on there that could have been affecting my fertility… ??
  2. I stopped using tampons. Instead, I now use the Diva Cup, which is a silicone menstrual cup. WAY better.
  3. I started taking 1000 IU of vitamin D every day. I live in Canada where vitamin D deficiencies are common during the winter.

I don’t know if any of these things were connected to me getting pregnant, but I do know that within six months of making these changes, I got pregnant naturally.

I’m hoping maybe this information will help someone out there. If you are in the “unexplained” category, who knows? Anything is worth a try.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I am a 34 year old woman. My husband and I had all the tests regarding IVF. We were told at every stage we were a text book case. I have PCOS. I had 11 follicles, at egg retrieval we had 7 eggs, we decided on EEVA and with this they said we had 4 embryos and 3 were viable. On the 16th August we had an 8 and 9 cell embryo put back. We had to do a pregnancy test this morning which showed up negative DEVASTATED isnt the word but when we rang our clinic they said we needed to get the HcG blood test done to make sure, I had this done this eve have to wait til tomorrow or Wednesday to check,kinda feel beaten numb helpless. It was our first cycle and i just had it in my mind that we were pregnant,but now feel heartbroken. Has anyone had a HPT show a negative and yet the blood test show a positive???:pray::grr::cross: