Unusual Cramping - possible TMI



I am currently having my AF, cd 3, and I am having the worst cramps of my life. So bad in fact that I can hardly sit down.

Anyone else ever have this?

AF seems normal besides this.


Is your period normal? Without medication I go 3 months without a period. My first round of Clomid I had bad cramps but I think it was more because my body wondering what was going on. This 2nd round my cramps weren’t as bad.


As clomid regulates the cycle, producing progesterone and estrogen, it ends up thickening the uterine lining. As it is this lining which is shed during AF, so with clomid, AF is usually heavier and more painful specially for us who without it, dont usually get periods that often.


Thanks ladies. Yes, I definitely am not a regular period gal on my own. I need medication to help it along. I guess it makes sense. It has subsided a little now.