I’m currently 6w2d.

I usually have to pee once or twice throughout my 8hr shift at work and usually once or twice in the middle of the night.

I’ve realized the past couple days I haven’t had to pee as much. I’m worried as that when I was pregnant before I was dx with fetal demise at 8 weeks and m/c at 11wks. Later I realized that this made sense because all of a sudden I didn’t feel the same and I didn’t have to pee anymore.

I’m just worried that me not having to pee as often means that I may be m/c again.

Then again I’m extremely sick right now (with a cold) and haven’t really eaten anything and it takes a lot to be able to drink fluids. But I don’t think I’m taking any less fluids than I usually do. Maybe my body is just holding it because I’m dehydrated. I don’t know.

Help. :grr:


Can you get in to see your doctor right away? I don’t know if you’re seeing someone already or if your OB just told you to come back at 12 weeks, but there’s a lot they should be able to look at if there’s a concern. Plus, if you’ve got a cold, it wouldn’t hurt to see a doctor anyway to just make sure. There’s nothing wrong with going in for a peace-of-mind visit, especially when something seems similar to something that went wrong before. I hope everything turns out well! :cross:


I never had to pee more while I was pregnant and I drink a TON of water. Never had to get up in the middle of the night or anything.

But since it HAS been a symptom for you, I’d definitely put in a call to the doctor just to settle your mind.


Well I feel relieved right now. I had another beta done which went up to 36228 from 19237 in 3 days so that’s good. I told my primary about my sickness and he said that there’s nothing he can really do for me and to call him if I get worse or spike a temp. I also realized that I’m not drinking as much as I have been and I’m still waking up at night to pee. We shall see. All my labs came back fine though.


Glad to hear it! Drink lots of water and see if that changes things. I will say that, while I had to pee a lot, in my first trimester I was still tired enough that, often, I’d sleep through until my bladder was so full it was unbearable. I’m doing it again now in the third! (Which sucks, because then when I stand up, the baby shifts down onto my bladder and makes it worse…) Best of luck! But I’m glad your doctors don’t seem too worried.



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