Using a Donor Egg, any success stories?


Hi all. About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with premenopause. I was 32, (34 now). It was said that we needed a donor egg. My sister will be donating her eggs, but we had to wait a while because of the costs. We only have enough money for one shot, so I was wondering if there are any first time success stories?



Hi Tania! :welcome:

When I first considered de I joined the ivf de cycle II thread. Jump in on the last couple of pages and read along. Many of the ladies have chronicled their journeys in their signatures. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. I am so happy I found it. Best of luck.


Thanks! I can’t find the ivf de thread though?


Here is the main ivf-DE thread.

We had success with our first DE cylce. My wonderful son is 3 now.