Using meds you've bought yourself...


I have a quick ? that I hope doesn’t offend anyone… I am working with an RE but we are cash-strapped and have no insurance coverage for meds. I’m on an injectible cycle. I think we can get through this cycle OK, but in the event that we need meds for another cycle, I am considering buying meds online from those who have some leftover. Just wondering if anyone has encountered a tactful way to let their doc know this… or if you get in some kind of trouble? I just won’t be able to afford going through a pharmacy again, most likely. :grr:


Check with your RE first to see if they have any meds that former patients have donated. I don’t think there is anything wrong with explaining that you are paying for this out of pocket and if he doesn’t have any that you can have that you will be seeing what you can find on-line.


For my first injects cycle I got my meds from an online acquaintance that I met in a PCOS forum. I told my RE they were “from a friend” and she didn’t blink an eye. In fact, she said “I don’t blame you, get 'em however you can. In fact, maybe you should take a vacation to Mexico if this cycle doesn’t work. wink wink


So are there really a lot of people who have leftovers and who are willing to give them away? I didn’t know!

office insurance


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