Using sister's egg


A while back I asked why it was deemed okay for a sister to give her sister an egg, but we never hear of brothers giving their brothers sperm. So I came across this article and it briefly mentions it, but I’m sharing b/c it’s an uplifting story.


Would you have a baby with your sister’s egg? - Raising Kids - Family-Parenting - MSN Living


Thank you for posting that inspiring story! I too will be using my sisters egg. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with premature menopause. We had to save money for a while, and have our first appointment April 24th. I’m so nervous, and yet excited!! I’ve gotten various reactions from people. Some say that I am selfish asking my sister for her eggs, some think it’s a beautiful thing, and some question what is going to happen in the future. We only have enough money for one shot, so I am praying that this works out well!!


I’ve heard of brothers giving their brothers sperm. I thought it was actually not uncommon, as a way of keeping the family’s genes going.

I even heard of one couple where they were both infertile, so the donors were, I think, the wife’s sister and the husband’s brother (it might have been the wife’s brother and the husband’s sister).