Uterine Lining


Hello Ladies,
I am so upset and confused. I had my beta thisweek and got bfn. I need some advice or info from you. My uterine lining was at a 12.5 at EIGHT DAYS prior to my FET. I did not start a full dose of PIO injection until five days prior to FET. As I understand it the lining grows 1mm each day until the PIO injections start to freezeit from thickening. I calculated my lining before the full dose injection and it would be 16.5! I always thought this was too thick for a lining and it makes it extremely difficult for implantation. Does anyone have experience with this? I think my estrogen pills should have been decreased to twice a day instead of three times a day. I so hope someone can give me insight!

Much baby dust to everyone!


Thicker linings correlate with higher pregnancy rates http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2543019/ . Mine was 18 mm with my fresh BFP and 15 mm with my FET, which is also a BFP. My question would be why you had any progesterone before 5 days prior to your transfer. I started the progesterone 6 days prior because I was doing a six day transfer. I have never heard of doing it before this. 5 for a five day transfer, three for a three day transfer. That would be my question. I think your lining sounds like it was great. Do you know if it was triple stripe? I hope yr next transfer brings you success. best of luck!


I am undergoing prep for an FET so this article was helpful. The Dr.'s are struggling to get my uterus thick enough…minimum is an 8 so hopefully things will get better…Wish you luck kalika!


It was a triple stripe lining. My progesterone started off at 1/2cc Friday seven days prior to transfer. Then 1cc pio six days prior then the full 1 1/2 cc five days before. I do not understand why they gradually had me inject over three days verses just inject full 11/2 cc five days before… Oh we’ll ,we will be going to see my RE Friday to get further direction. We may be going thru another IVF cycle in November.


How was your follow up appt.? Have you decided what to do? Best of luck!


Hey Egghunter,
We went to our RE yesterday and apparently it seems that something went wrong during my FET. The RE mentioned for us not to worry about the money including medications! We are currently thinking about TESE/ICSI and IVF because the donor sperm bank which we used last time closed their doors and destroyed all their samples. When my RE heard that he was stunned and It seemed to really bother him considering the circumstances. I just feel better knowing that he is going to make it work. He said he would take care of it and that he would look over my chart to determine protocol and he would follow me through it not the nurses! At the earliest looking at November cycle. Trying to give me buttocks some time to heel! Lol…

How are things with you going?



How are things going for your FET lining prep? Is the uterus thickening up? Baby dust coming your way!