Vacation and FET


HI All-
I just had a question for any of you ladies who have previously had an FET - I had a failed IVF cycle last month and am now scheduled to begin a FET cycle- During my IVF process I was so diligent about taking care of myself, physically, emotionally and also with regards what I was eating etc… I was devastated when we received a :bfn: but have had to pick myself up and move on again.

My RE has stated that my ET date for my FET will be the week of Sept22-28 tentatively… I will be away on vacation from 14-22 and was just wondering how this may effect with regards monitoring of my cycle? Also as I will be on my annual vacation I was wondering if any of you ladies have had a glass of wine during this process or what your opinions/ experiences are with this… While I do not NEED to have alcohol as it is my vacation I was looking forward to indulging while away… I would greatly value all of your opinions… Thank you!:slight_smile:


Im not sure about the timing for you or your monitoring. I can tell you what my doc did… basically I had a sono HSG since I had been pregnant since the last time I had it. Then I started estrogen patches on my CD1. They checked my lining around CD12-15 (mine was done on CD 12). They then told me to start progesterone injections the following day. I then had the transfer on CD 18. And I TOTALLY had some beer during the phase before transfer! You dont have to worry as much because your embryos are safe and sound frozen away. You can have a glass of wine or even two! Just dont go too crazy because you do want to keep yourself healthy of course. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thank you so much–
I have had the HSG previously during my initial infertility testing and luckily that all came back clear.
I am still trying to figure out some of the terminology on here can you please let me know what CD is??
Also I have seen it so much on here but am not aware what dpt (days past transfer???) which is usually preceded by another 3 letters which I am unaware of also…

Sometimes I feel so guilty for even thinking of alcohol during this process but as you said my embies are all frozen at this point…
I am going in to see my RE in the am as my AF arrived today-- feel like she just left!! So I guess I can ask her all the questions also…


NO dont feel guilty… I say you are going to have a long 9 months ahead with hopefully breastfeeding as well, so enjoy it while you can! :slight_smile: CD means cycle day. So I started estrogen on cycle day 1 and I had my baseline ultrasound on cycle day 12… but that can be moved around if needed anywhere from cd12-15.

dpt is Days past transfer. Today I am 3dp5dt. 3 days post 5 day transfer. From your signature it looks like your embryos were frozen at day 5… so you would always be a 5dt person. The day of the transfer is day zero. I had my transfer on Friday. So on saturday I was 1dp5dt, sunday was 2dp5dt and so on. Hope this helps!