Valium and bed rest?!


Hi! I’ve been reading lots of posts. I see that many people get Valium for ET… And bed rest after?? My nurse has not mentioned either if these things. My FET is scheduled for 4/17. I guess I should be asking her! I have a very active 21 mo DD, and very self sufficient 6yo DS. I’m wondering if there are things I shouldn’t do with DD post-transfer?


Some doctors will give valium before the ET, but it is more to relax the uterine muscles to better facilitate implantation than to calm your nerves. Another option is a prometrium suppository, which is the hormone progesterone to do the same thing. Talk to your doctor about these two options and which you are more comfortable with.


So…my nurse said the don’t us Valium unless patient requests it. No need for bed rest, just don’t go back to work same day.

How man days do people do bed rest for ?


My RE requires 3 full days of bed rest and they mean actual bed rest to help w/ implantation. They also give valium to relax the uterine muscles. I was reading online that the transfer can fail because of one tiny mess up including the uterine muscles being too tense which always occurs when someone is down there shoving stuff in!


for bedrest - the 1st FET we did 5 full days…but i also didn’t have any other kids. THis time around we did 2, and then sat and sun i took it easy - DH carried DD up and down stairs, put in high chair, if i didn’t have to do the stairs, i didn’t ,etc. I still put her in her crib for night time though…so, do what you’re comfortable with. My RE just says take it easy 24hrs…we just did the bedrest on our own and sunday i took a slow walk and i’m not doing anything i’m uncomfortable with - bottom line is either they are going to stick or they won’t…


My RE recommends 2 princess days (rest days) after transfer. They told me the only time I should be up and moving around during those 2 days is to use the restroom, shower and make meals and they told me not to lift anything over 10lbs.


Love “princess days” :slight_smile: great idea!!! I’ll just tell DH I need bed rest :slight_smile: