Variations in semen analysis


Has anyone had an experience of getting sperm count/semen analysis tests that are varied? What about experiences with Labcorp vs a fertility clinic?

My significant other went to a urologist, who sent him to Labcorp, and the test came back with 95 million with 70 percent low motility. The RE said that was enough sperm to get pregnant, despite the low motility rate.

Two months later, we did an IUI and the fertility clinic washed the sperm and was able to get 3 million. The following month, we repeated and it got just 1.5 million. We did the IUIs anyway but they were unsuccessful.

The RE said sometimes Labcorp (or similar labs) that don’t often work with sperm samples can run inaccurate results, whereas a fertility clinic works with such samples daily. Also, we were told it’s not common for sperm counts to vary to that degree.

Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.