Varicocele surgery or embolization



I was just told by my doctor that i have varicocele on both sides and recommended [B]varicocelectomy surgery[/B]. I did some research online and found that there is another treatment option called Embolization.

Did anyone here have either of these two procedures done?

I would love to hear from people who had it done the following,

Which option should i go with, surgery or embolization?

Did it help with infertility? How, how long did it take to see improvement etc.

Any long term pain or swelling?

Any physical or visual changes to the scrotum?

Did it improve sex drive, semen quantity

Any scars?

Thank you!


This doesn’t say if you have had a SA so this may not apply…

About a year ago my brother was told by his doctor he has varicocele on both sides. He never had an SA nor did he pursue the recommended surgery, he did stop caring about preventing. Now, he has an almost 2 month old son.