Varying betas different pregnancies?


I’m asking this as a general question, but wondering how it relates to my current situation.

My 16dpo beta with DD was a whopping 1600ish.
My 14dpo beta (17dpo will be tomorrow and I’ll get a redraw) was a pitiful 40ish.

Is there any chance this second pregnancy is viable? I feel like even if it doubles, I’m just eventually in for another blighted ovum because it is such a HUGE difference. So I guess my question is, do you know of people who have had drastically different betas with two different pregnancies? I know betas vary, but do they vary THAT much in the same woman? With my daughter I just assumed I excreted loads of HCG for some reason. Obviously if that is true it doesn’t bode well for this pregnancy.


Just remember: anything above 25 confirms pregnancy. A friend of mine was pregnant with twins, and her 14dpo was only 47.

Try not to worry. I know that’s easier said than done, but let’s see what the next number is. :slight_smile:



Booboo, I have a theory. You’ll like my theory for what it means for now, but perhaps not for what it means for THEN.

I think your 1600 may have been a result of there being multiples in there… but they didn’t make it to the first ultrasound. One did. Yay! I think your 43 now is far more normal, and you should try really hard to relax and see what happens next.

Also, I’d be interesting to hear what your RE thinks.


Haha, Poenym, I like your theory but I don’t know…I wasn’t on any fertility drugs at the time so It would be crazy unlikely! Plus I never had any bleeding that whole pregnancy. But I DO agree with you that my 1600 was far far far far outside the norm. I was totally convinced it was a molar pregnancy at the time.


Your betas are really dependant upon how early the embryo implants - the normal range is 6-12dpo – which would make a huge difference by the time you get to 16dpo.


Don’t get discouraged…I’m currently 10w pregnant with twins and my first beta was 30! Keep thinking good thoughts!


[QUOTE=tryingfor#one]Don’t get discouraged…I’m currently 10w pregnant with twins and my first beta was 30! Keep thinking good thoughts![/QUOTE]

Okay, your first beta is making me nervous about my first beta of 183. :wink:


haha, it makes me nervous for being too low! my first beta last pregnancy was 1600.