Vasa Previa?


Has anyone else been diagnosed with vasa previa? If so, can you tell me what your schedule for treatment and delivery is? I am currently 26 weeks and it sounds like I won’t be hospitalized or scheduled for a c-section until 36 weeks. From what I have read this may be later than normal. Would love your thoughts.


I had this diagnosis and the MFM doc said he would hospitalize me at 32 weeks and deliver at 36. He also ended up “undiagnosing” me, so I was released to the care of my regular OB. She didn’t hospitalize me and she did the c section at 38 weeks. Everything turned out fine, I did have VP but since I didn’t go into labor on my own there were no consequences. I was very, very lucky.
I’m so sorry you have this diagnosis, I know how incredibly hard it is. There’s a yahoo group for women with VP and I recommend joining. It was based on some of their stories that I requested a c section even though the specialists didn’t find the VP, and that saved my son’s life.


Thank you so much for the reply, Annamax. I did join the yahoo group and I find it very helpful. I just know that the rate of VP with IVF is higher than the general population so I thought I would see if anyone else in this forum had the same issues. I appreciate your info. I am so glad everything turned out so well for you. I am confident everything will go well for us too. Thanks.