Verbal/Oral Apraxia


I refuse to claim any conditions for my LO but I’ve been doing some research (via Dr. Google of course) and came across this condition…Verbal Apraxia…Anyone ever heard of this? If so, please share. My LO is almost 19 months and he’s appearing like a “late talker” but I’m not sure.


The only experience I have is with my middle son who is Autistic. Usually this disorder is noted early because children also have a difficult time with eating since it requires some coordination.
I don’t know if your LO is verbal or non verbal. Or if your child can say a few words but not many.
Verbal would be any sounds not related to crying.
Non-Verbal would be no sounds except for distress.
If your LO is saying a few words I wouldn’t worry at this point. I know its easier said then done but some children are observers. They learn by watching others and at some point feel they have mastered it through visual cues and start practicing.
My middle son observed alot. They told me he would never speak. He watched his step-father for a long time and then began imitating him. He is very verbal now at 15. You wouldn’t even know he has autism.