Very low beta at 23 days post transfer


I am 23 days past my transfer. My first two betas seemed to be somewhat normal, but yesterday I had my third beta and it was only 400 when it should be (if doubling correctly) around 1,000. I’m not sure what this means or what to think and my nurse was sort of vague about it. I am very worried that this indicates a coming miscarriage. Has anyone had experience with this? Has anyone had a succesful pregnancy after such low betas early on? Thanks for any input.


Generally, yes, it indicates a miscarriage. Sorry.


Hi MJgal. What were all of your betas so far? As you can see in my siggy for this current pregnancy, my betas were a bit low and never got close to doubling. If I had tubes, they would have thought it was ectopic. My RE really didn’t think it looked good, however I am 34w3d pregnant with a healthy girl. I think with low/non-doubling numbers it really can go either way. Just keep your chin up, but be prepared just in case it doesn’t work out. Keep us updated!


I see that we both had non-doubling betas, and both ended up with healthy baby girls. However, in both of our cases the shortfall was not that large. Betas were supposed to go up ~2.8 times in 3 days, but went up just over 2 times. Yes, knowing the full layout of the betas/days would be helpful. However, the case does not look very promising when 1,000 is expected, and you only get 400. The nurse should not have been vague. I seems like we both got the straight answer that miscarriage is possible. Best of luck with your baby!


If 23 days past transfer, I would look for u/s before worrying about beta’s anymore My RE never looked beta’s more than twice and went straight into u/s


Thanks for the input. My beta (which was 400 on Tuesday) randomly doubled (at 900) between Tuesday and today and now the docs are concerned/confused so I will be going in for an U/s tomorrow. I’m very glad that they’ve decided to have my come in to be checked out because I am worried about a potential ectopic. Thanks again for all the input and advice.


That’s great news! The drs say that they won’t be able to see anything on the u/s unless the HCG level is 1,000. Best of luck!


Glad you are able to get an U/S so you can get a better idea of what’s going on!


Glad your numbers are looking better! I know I had an ultrasound and my beta was 1384 that day and they were able to see the yolk and gestational sacs, even though they were almost a week behind in size! Hopefully you’ll be able to see something as well! Good luck and keep us posted!


Geneen3, I just looked over your numbers and read your story in your signature and must say that I am encouraged by your situation/story. During the ultrasound today my doc made it sound like I would miscarry. He didn’t exactly give me a percentage like you got, but it sounded negative over all. I am encouraged by the fact that yours had continued despite low numbers initially. Thanks for your input.


MJgal, how did the US go? Did they see anything? I was basically told I would miscarry up until 8 weeks (they just continued to be surprised at every ultrasound) and then I was told the baby would have big time chromosomal issues if the pregnancy did continue. I know I beat the odds on this one, but I think it’s always good to know what could happen. I had another pregnancy where all my betas doubled, except one, which they thought may have been wrong. In that case, there never was a heartbeat and I miscarried at 7 weeks. So, anything can really happen. Just be cautiously optimistic!!


During the u/s, they said they saw something that may be a gestational sac. There was no heartbeat and it was very small. In the meantime I’ve had a lot of cramping and some spotting and I go back on Tuesday or Wednesday for another u/s.


Good luck on your next u/s! Once you hit 6 weeks, they should be able to see more.