Very low E2 (25) not budging after 5 days of stims...


'm hoping someone can chime in to help shed some light on my situation.

My baseline E2 this cycle was 25. I have done Menopur for 5 days @ 75 iu. My lining increased from 2.6 to 5.5 but my E2 did not budge at all and is still at 25. No measurable follicles.

Has anyone had slow-rising E2 like this? The doc has upped my dose to 112 for 3 more days, then another bw/us to see where we stand. I am wary of overstimming and wanted to go slow, but am worried that he upped me already because my E2 didn’t move at all at 75 iu.

Has anyone had E2 this low either? I have Hypothalamic Amennorhea and low FSH/LH/E2 is part of the condition, but this seems incredibly low from everything I’ve seen.