Very low E2. Very worried


I had my baseline today for my cycle.

My ultrasound showed 9 follicles all perfect size. This is two more than last time and that included one that was borderline too large.

My FSH last cycle was 7.2 and my E2 was 26 all prior to being on the pill.

So today my E2 level was 8.671. That is half of what it was last time.

Is this good? To have more folicles, lower FSH and lower E2 levels?

I need some reassurance. Or some brutal honesty.



You’ve been on birth control pills? If so, don’t pay any attention to the estrogen level. As long as it’s less than about 75 (which clearly it is), it means nothing.


Good! Thanks. I figured that no call was a good sign and that everything was a go. And yes I was on birth control for a month.

Now to wait for the shots. This process can not move fast enough!!!


Its looking good Spenalson and like Essemkay said do not put much thought into the E2 after BC.

Every cycle usually improves with IVF… I think the effect of the drugs on our older systems works wonders!



I think I’m really dealing with the results of the last time. As I get ready to take my first shot tomorrow, I am getting calmer and the words of my RE keep coming to mind. He would do this over and over again with me and my numbers. But I still worry about it.

Thank you for your words or encouragement. I’ll keep every one posted.