Very Scared-Please HELP


Amazingly enough with my VERY meager results my body kicked it into gear in the last few days and I made it to my trigger. Trust me this was a shock because I thought for sure I would be cancelled on Monday due to poor response and I mean p-o-o-r, but I stimmed for 12 days and my body finally woke the hell up. But, the drama is not over yet.

My nurse called and said to trigger promptly at 8:45 Friday night for a 8:45AM SUNDAY retrieval. But, we turn the clocks back tonight and I am freaking right the hell out because I am scared that extra hour is going to screw up everything and it’s going to be too late. [B]Will it?[/B]

I called my nurse before trigger and said it’s fine, 35 hours is okay. Um, we turn the clocks BACK not FORWARD. I will be at 37 hours. I am scared to call back again. They already think I’m a melodramatic alarmist. Hell, maybe I am! I am scared though because I have 3 to 4 good eggs and that’s it. I don’t want to lose them, I almost lost this cycle and/or gave up on it 3 times already.

Can anyone help? Is 37 hours going to be too late? What do y’all think? Any words of encouragement are more than welcome for this first time IVFer.

Everything I see online says that you will ovulate 24-36 hours after the trigger shot of ovidrel. Also, I am the lone ranger on Sunday, I am the ONLY one having retrieval and my nurse jokingly (snarkily?) said “well we know you like our undvidied attention”. She also told me to stay off the internet. I swear she was drinking last night when called back at 8:20p though, what if they have it wrong =(


It’s normal to feel some worries but please don’t stress too much I don’t think One hour is going to make a diffrence. And if you want a peace of mind just call them who cares what they think it’s important that you feel comfortable.

Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you and please try not to worry and call your nurse.


Don’t worry. :grouphug: (I know, easier said than done.)

I actually had my retrieval 37 hours after the trigger shot. I took the trigger on Wednesday night at 7:30 PM and I went in for the ER on Friday at 8:30 AM. They only retrieved 9 because I was coughing while under anestesia, so the doctor stopped early.

Good luck to you! I think you will be fine. And like the other poster said, you should go ahead and call your office anytime you have questions. They are there to answer your questions. You are paying for all of this…it’s your body…be comfortable about speaking up!


How funny…I was just worrying about this in the last couple of days. A friend of mine who just had her retrieval and I were talking, and I said I was surprised that they retrieve at 36 hours after trigger, since that’s when you’re supposed to ovulate on your own. We were talking about how awful that would be if you went in an you’d already released the eggs! I happened to be at my clinic in person for the first time yesterday, so this went on my list of questions for the nurse – why do they retrieve at 36 hours and not at 32 or so (something earlier) so that they know they’ll get the eggs.

The answer was that until toward the end of that period, for most people, the egg is stuck to the side of the follicle. The hCG in part helps it release from the side, as well as getting the follicle to rupture. If they retrieve before the egg released from the side, they can try to flush it out of the follicle, but they may not retrieve anything. She said that if it the follicle does release early, then the egg is usually still floating around right in that area, and they still get it when they suck the fluid out. So, supposedly even if the egg is out of the follicle, it’s still hanging around (which makes sense if you figure it takes it 8-10 days to get down to your uterus and implant; it’s not covering a lot of ground in an hour.)

She said that it’s very rare that she sees this happen, and generally only in their donor population who generally have a strong ovulation on their own and are very young and very fertile. Even then, she said it’s maybe 1-2 times/year.

So, hopefully, that hour will be irrelevant, but if it’s going to totally stress you out, call back and see if a different nurse is on duty today and if it makes sense to move you up an hour. I will say that my clinic goes with 35 hours, not 36.


37 hours maybe too long. I think 38 is likely too long. If you already triggered, ask to move the retrieval one hour up to 36 hours.