Waiting for IVF #5


I just had my chemical pregnancy notification on April 1. I feel so empty and sad. I don’t know what to do with all the dreams and hopes that seem to be further and further away from reality.

We have one more try in the package we bought. I hope I can handle doing it. In May/June we are going on a couple vacations so it doesn’t make sense to try between.

How does one cope? I meditate but that is hard now.

Blessings and :babydust: to everyone trying.


Awww, :grouphug:
So sorry you are feeling down. I followed the March thread closely and feel like I know some of you. I think it is okay to feel sad. And you should be allowed to. I too got a:bfn: in the March cycle and I’m gearing up for a new one. The thing that keeps me going is the thought that [B]THIS[/B] is a new cycle. I try not to let the failures of the previous cycle dictate my future hopes that this one will be [B]THE[/B] one.
Hang in there and know that you are not alone. I am glad (and jealous) :slight_smile: you are taking some time to relax. Please pamper yourself, release all your negative energy and come back and try again. I wish you :bsv:, baby dust and the pitter-patter of little feet.


Thank you Ybee. Today is just rough. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I had nightmares about the embryo transfer. Blah.

Good luck with your next cycle. Wishing you pitter patter little feet and :bsv: too!


I get hit with those hard days too. Just trying to stay present and like Ybee try not to focus too much on the past (as it can be a downer :slight_smile: ) I do deep breathing and have focus on a positive mantra. Hang in there.


Sorry you are feeling down Westernlark. Today is my first day back on the forums. I started my 1st IVF cycle last June and then another one in September. The first was a :bfn: and the other was a :bfp: but just a few days later I found out it was a chemical pregnancy. I was crushed…just sick to my stomach and so sad. I couldn’t even think of IVF after that until just a couple of weeks ago. I made an apt with a new RE and met with him on Tuesday. I still have 2 frozen embies left but they are not the best quality. I plan on doing the FET in June after I return from a business trip so I am starting to feel hopeful again. Has anyone ever used just average embies?


Good luck in June! :bsv::babydust:
I haven’t had any successes so I’m not a good one to answer your question but there are lots of very knowledgeable people on this board.


Thanks for all the well wishes. I am just going to kick back and recover for a while before my last try. :cross: