Waiting for the baby soon


Hi , i am soo happy and excited to share a good news with you all. I got my periods stopped, my test results are positive, my God i am conceiving. i am really very very happy unable to express my happiness. I am really soo thankful to the Doctor at shivani in India and also the god for showing his mercy on me. after all the struggles now i am waiting for my little angel on this earth. My Husband and all my parents and inlaws are taking care of me soo well and waiting for the baby soon.


Congrats, dear Shahima! May lots of women here sound the same!
We’re passing our de ivf program in Ukraine, Biotexcom clinic. This is our last hope for success after several failures with oe. We’ve booked 5 att due to my previous medical history and age. But wanna hope so much to post the most desirable words announcing pregnancy here very soon. Hope gives strength and inspiring news like yours. Thanks x