Wanted to share a few things


I have been with you ladies for close to 6 months. Many of you I would talk about with my husband and we would say some extra prayers. After 5 rounds of clomid I found out my FSH was 14.5 and AMH less than 0.1. We decided not to pursue IVF and decided adoption was right for us last month.

Well today I was 1 day late (always 24 days) so I POAS and …:bfp: I can’t believe it. I was told even with IVF my chances would be like 20percent which could take several times. I think I am only like 3 weeks along.

I wanted to share to hopefully show that it can happen! I am still cautious and will likely continue to be for a while but I mainly wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the support and kind words these past 6 months.


miracles do happen!

That’s awesome ashaz. I love hearing stories like this. Makes me so hopeful.


We cycled together a few times I believe. Congratulations! I think it is God’s way of saying “I got this, no need for the help”. Best wishes to you and your growing family. Please keep us posted


Praying I will get the same results!
Still have about another week to wait to find out!