Wanting more


Hello, I’m fairly new here and discouraged going into IVF #3. Each time we’ve only gotten 2-3 eggs and always a BFN! I have two children already, but desperately want another. Other people tell me “dont’ spend anymore money on this”. I’m so confused…I’m following my heart. If I’m not meant to have another child I pray God takes this desire from me. Any advice?


I think it’s just maternal instinct. However, you seem to realize that you clearly don’t need another one right now. So, just keep that in mind and maybe the feeling will pass. I sort of understand what you are saying. My children are about the same age as yours and we have decided that we don’t need anymore children. I fear we would probably end up divorced with a third and I know it would be a mistake for us to have a third right now. However, still I think about having another one & I would be horrified if I found out today that I was pregnant. Because I definitely CANNOT handle a third right now. Just try to remind yourself of the reasons not to have another yet and don’t beat yourself up over it. I think it’s just natural for women to want/need babies. You may be afraid to face the reality that your children are growing up. It causes you to realize that you will not be able to hold them and care for them forever. It is almost like coming face to face with your own mortality. You will not live forever, and your babies will become adults. That is something every mother must face.


Your post breaks my heart…Having 2 kids conceived naturally makes the story even more strange. I’ve never happened to see bfp whilst ttc with dh. So that we knew from the beginning we’d have to move onto infertility treatments. And here you with your story… Things showing everything was great and then knocking you completely out of the normal life and pushing you onto ivf rounds…This is too sad…Ivf is never a cheap option though it can be affordable if perforned in some European clinics like bio tex com, Ukraine. They offer different packages and their prices vary from 5 to 10k euros. In your case if you’re still willing to continue with ivf shots, you’d better look onto guaranteed packages. Some time ago we signed up with them for the 5 shots guaranteed program. It included unlimited number of attempts. BUT in case you fail to get prego after 5 shots in a row; your body got exhausted after treatments or you don’t feel good enough about continuing with shots – bio tex com will refund you all money paid back!! This is a super nice option to have surely. Do check this out! Hope this helped. Wishing you the best of luck on your way to baby#3.