Wanting to get excited


Hello All,
I loved this site a few years ago when I started down the path of IVF. It’s so helpful. Now I’m turning back to it to get some help. I had a great experience with IVF the first time- I understood the risks and went into it not expecting anything, knowing that it could fail, and that I could and would try again if that happened. Well, it worked the first time! I am delighted to have a little girl! Then I tried a FET. This time, I was so unrealistically optimistic that I felt totally blindsided when I miscarried the day after I saw the little heartbeat. It’s been almost two years since then, I’m still having a hard time even thinking about trying to do another FET. We have two frozen embryos that we’re going to try to cook up this winter, but I’m having a really hard time getting excited about it. I just keep thinking, and wallowing in the previous miscarriage. I want to be happy and enthusiastic about the process, I think a happy mind set will help when I’m getting the shots and such. Anyone else dealing with the hopeless feelings? Any cheerleaders out there with advice on how to rekindle the exciting anticipation of the process?