Wanting to get started adoption after Infertility


My husband and I have tried to conceive since we got married. We went through 3 failed IUI’s and could not afford IVF. We just had our 13th anniversary. I do have a biological son, but he is not my husbands biological child. (He is from before we married.) We want to expand our family. We have been looking at adoption for a few years, but this year we have decided to make it happen. We decided to go through a domestic adoption using state agencies. We will foster to adopt. We are aware of the difficulties of children in foster care. We are not pickey on what child or children we get to be parents to. We have not started the process yet, but we will as soon as we finish the remodel on our bathroom. We know the process takes months or years, but we are eager to have new family members. Is there any advice from people who have been through this process?