Wanting to transfer 2 embryos on IVF


Hi Everyone, I am 28 years old, and have just been through 2 FET. The 1st ended in a chemical pregnancy, and just a :bfn: with the 2nd.
Our RE was going to transfer 2 embies with the 2nd attempt, but unfortunately only 1 out of 5 survived the thawing process, so now we are moving on to a fresh IVF cycle.
I am very keen to transfer 2 embryos with this fresh cycle, but RE is not too keen. I am going to try to convince him to transfer 2, as I am fully prepared for the chances of mulitples, and I don’t think I can go through another disappointment. I am thinking that 2 babies is better than no baby at this stage.

I was wondering if any other ladies my age have transferred 2 with a fresh IVF cycle, and how did you convince the RE to do it. and did you have success


I always thought two was the norm…


my clinics policy is to only transfer 1 embryo on a 1st IVF in women under 38. I am going to try to convince them to let us transfer 2, we are fully aware of the risks, and complications ahead if both take. I seriously don’t think I can take another negative at the moment!!


Well I had a different experience my first IVF I was only 30 and my doc did want to do 2 but we only did one. It ended in m/c so this cycle that we will start in January we are doing 2 no doubt and the doctor already agreed to that. You mentioned your doc only does one on first IVF since this wont be your first hopefully you wont have any trouble with him


I would be up front & honest w/ the doctor. Say that you want to be aggressive & put back more than just one embryo. Sometimes doctors tippy toe around too much & ya just have to speak up… Wishing you tons of luck :wink:


In my third IVF/ICSI ( I was 28 yrs ) , the doctor transferred 3 because of the unexplained BFNs that I had before , but I was ready for multiples, I ended up by healthy twins .If your Re saw that you are ready for the consequences of twins , i think he won’t object .